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Dominik Mueller

Welcome! My name is Dominik Mueller. Wine is my hobby. I’m by no means a professional. Here, I’d like to share my wine experiences and wine tasting notes with an international community of fellow wine lovers. All posts are published in English and German. To read my notes in other languages, your browser will probably offer you an automatic translation. If you’d like to connect with me, you’re welcome to do so on CellarTracker and Instagram.

What do I currently do for a living? I’m Director and Head of Currency Management at B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. AG in Frankfurt. Founded in 1674, Metzler is one of the oldest private banks in the world and is still fully owned by the founding family. I joined the bank’s capital markets division in 2013 to help establish a new team specializing in currency overlay and FX absolute return products. Today, Metzler Currency Management is one of the leading providers of currency management services in Europe and offers sophisticated currency overlay solutions to institutional investors and global corporations.

Prior to my time at Metzler, I worked in currency overlay management at Berenberg Bank, where I developed quantitative trading models and monitored the exposure of client portfolios to FX risk. Before that, I held positions at HSBC Trinkaus (Hamburg), DZ Bank (Frankfurt and London) and HSH Nordbank (Hamburg).

I received my MSc in finance from Imperial College London, where I specialized in studying the foreign exchange market. Prior to that, I received my BSc degree in business studies with a focus on finance and insurance risk management from the University of Hamburg.

From 2003 through 2007, I was in the rather exotic business of trading domain names. During that time, I successfully sold or purchased many high-priced premium domains and online businesses on behalf of my clients (average transaction value: >$100,000). My track record includes the sale, acquisition or development of Credits.com, Kid.net, USACreditCard.com, Manhattan.info, NewYork.info, Filez.com, GVG.com, Science.info, WineStore.com, YG.com, Lilies.com, Trusted.com, ZUM.com, WeddingSong.com, BookSellers.com, Xmas.com and several other keyword domains, most of which have been subject to non-disclosure agreements. In addition to that, I provided domain evaluation and consulting services to a wide range of clients.

Speaking Engagements:

1 March 2023, London, UK
Imperial College Business School, Guest Lecture
“Currency management for institutional investors”

1 October 2020, London, UK
DB Strategic Investment Forum 2020
“The Role of Currency Management in De-risking Strategies”

4 June 2020, London, UK
DC Summit Live 2020
“The Role of Active Currency Management in Enhancing DC Plan Performance”

12 November 2019, London, UK
Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, Local Authority Update 2019
“Practical Approaches to Currency Management”


10 December 2020, London, UK
13th Annual European Pensions Awards
“Currency Manager of the Year 2020”

2 December 2020, London, UK
2020 LAPF Investment Awards
Nominated: “Quant Manager of the Year”

22 June 2017, London, UK
10th Annual European Pensions Awards
“Currency Manager of the Year 2017”


7 April 2005, “Nameshopping”, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)
Article highlighting the domain name industry, published in the business section of leading German newspaper FAZ with a daily print circulation of ~450,000.

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