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Maison Champy


Based in Burgundy, France.

Maison Champy is one of the oldest existing wineries in Burgundy. In fact, they claim to be the oldest. Champy started out as a tonnellerie in the 19th century, then moved on to purchase grapes or grape must for vinification and bottling in their role as négociants, and eventually started growing their own vines, too.

Today, Champy owns more than 20 hectares on the Côte de Beaune, including plots on the Hill of Corton. Since 2016, the company belongs to AdVini, who also own Domaine Laroche in Chablis among several other estates around the world.

Maison Champy still keeps all of its production facilities within the city of Beaune. Controlled fermentation takes place in steel tanks to keep much of the expression of each terroir. For maturation, they use Burgundian pièces with only a medium toast. More new oak for the bigger wines.


Maison Champy
12, place de la Halle
21 200 Beaune

Tél. : +33 (0)3 80 23 75 21