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Henri Giraud


Based in Champagne, France.

The Henri Giraud champagne house can look back on a long history. The family has been producing wine in the region around Aÿ since 1625, and is now in its 12th and 13th generation. As a great speciality and quasi "house style", Giraud refrains from maturation in stainless steel tanks. Instead, small oak barrels are used for all wines. The wood for these comes from the nearby Argonne forest. The selected wood is processed into 228-litre barrels (Burgundy pièces) by cellar master Sébastian Le Golvet and a local cooper using a toasting process developed in-house. The only exception to ageing in oak is the Dame Jane rosé champagne, which is aged in sandstone amphorae to emphasise the fruit of the rosé.


Tél. : +33 (0)3 26 55 18 55