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2021 Kesselring Gewürztraminer trocken

Tasting note

Dry Gewürztraminer from the Palatinate (Pfalz), organic and vegan, 13.0%. At this point still a young wine, light yellow to transparent colour. Somewhat closed in the nose, with a discreet floral bouquet. On the palate, as expected, little acidity, primarily fruity sweetness of tangerines. Spicier at the end and relatively long lasting.

Drink from 2022 through 2025.

Tasted by Dominik Müller on Thursday, 7 April 2022.


4Wines with a DM3 to DM4 rating are average on a fine wine level. They have been produced well, they have no apparent flaws or big imbalances that would put me off. On the other hand, they lack features that would make them stand out in a more positive way, i.e. they might lack intensity or a long finish.
/ 20 ("passable")
2Wines with a rating of 2 stars are well-made and of average quality relative to their peer group. Perfectly enjoyable and certainly not disappointing.
/ 5

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Wine details

Vintage: 2021
Style:still (dry)
Grape variety: Gewürztraminer
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Appellation: n/a
Vineyard: n/a
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