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2017 Bernhard Huber Chardonnay Alte Reben

Tasting note

2017 Bernhard Huber Chardonnay Alte Reben

Straw yellow colour, medium viscosity with colourless streaks in the glass. Already on the nose a broad-shouldered wine with strong notes of ripe lemons, peach, unmistakable wood influence, buttery, but also with a minerality of wet stones. The wood comes across as somewhat toasted, reminiscent of roasted nuts. There was certainly new wood involved. In the mouth, the Chardonnay also presents itself as voluminous and reductive. The lemon comes through even more clearly due to the crisp acidity. A punchy wine with a long, slightly salty finish. How old the vines are, I do not know. But I would guess that the age of Chardonnay vines in Baden could be between 20 and 40 years. A great German Chardonnay with a distinctive style.

Drink through 2027.

Tasted by Dominik Müller on Saturday, 25 February 2023.


92Wines with a rating of DM91 to DM93 are exceptionally good. These are wines that are not just well-made but which have a character of their own that makes them stand out. These wines offer a level of complexity that we can spend a long time with if we want to. In WSET terms, wines with a DM92 rating tend to be at the upper end of a 3.0 WSET score.
/ 100
3.5Wines with a 3.5 WSET rating are 'very good' wines -- just shy of 'exceptional' -- according to the WSET scoring system, where we consider balance (B), intensity (I), length (L) and complexity (C). In terms of my personal rating system, wines with a WSET score of 3.5 usually get 93 to 94 DM points.
/ 4.0
4Wines with a rating of 4 stars are excellent wines in their category. They are almost at the top of their peer group in terms of quality.

Jasper Morris of inspired me to use his 'Five Star Scale' in my tasting notes, too. The limitation of the standard 100-point scale is that in certain appellation hierarchies, such as Burgundy village versus premier cru, the lower-end wines will typically score less than the wines higher up the hierarchy. The five star scale therefore wants to compare a wine to its peers from the same category. It allows for very well-made wines to stand out.
/ 5

Wine details

Vintage: 2017
Style:still (dry)
Grape variety:Chardonnay
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Producer:Bernhard Huber
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