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2015 Château Haut Girard Ange Noir

Tasting note

2015 Château Haut Girard Ange Noir

A Bordeaux AOC from Girard in the south-east of Bordeaux. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from old vines, so says the label, aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Dark red colour with purple reflections. No sign of age here. A hint of freshness on the nose, plus dark berry fruits. Spicy notes suggest the wood ageing. The mouthfeel is very dry. The tannins are tight. Rough leather, blackcurrant with a medium acidity, plus vanilla and also some pepper. The wine is rather austere in the fruit. The earthy minerality calls for hearty dishes. The wine went well with lamb with rosemary. In general, it excelled more as a food companion than as a soloist. I don’t think there is much storage potential here. I would finish it sooner rather than later.

Drink through 2023.

Tasted by Dominik Müller on Saturday, 25 March 2023.


83Wines with a DM81 to DM83 rating are -- to different extents -- just slighly below average. That means they have no technical flaws. These wines, however, are typically one-dimensional, short in taste, or lack balance. Insofar, there might be something that I just didn't like while tasting, such as a below-average tanning structure or an acidity that isn't integrated very well. In WSET terms, wines with a DM83 rating will be at the lower end of the WSET 1.0 range.
/ 100
1.5Wines with a 1.5 WSET rating are in between 'average' and 'good' in the WSET scoring system, where we consider balance (B), intensity (I), length (L) and complexity (C). In terms of my personal rating system, wines with a WSET score of 1.5 usually get around 85 to 86 DM points.
/ 4.0
2Wines with a rating of 2 stars are well-made and of average quality relative to their peer group. Perfectly enjoyable and certainly not disappointing.

Jasper Morris of inspired me to use his 'Five Star Scale' in my tasting notes, too. The limitation of the standard 100-point scale is that in certain appellation hierarchies, such as Burgundy village versus premier cru, the lower-end wines will typically score less than the wines higher up the hierarchy. The five star scale therefore wants to compare a wine to its peers from the same category. It allows for very well-made wines to stand out.
/ 5

Wine details

Vintage: 2015
Style:still (dry)
Grape variety:Cabernet Sauvignon
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Producer:Château Haut Girard
Appellation:Bordeaux AOC
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