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2019 Salwey Oberrotweiler Eichberg Grauburgunder GG

Tasting note

2019 Weingut Salwey Grauburgunder Eichberg GG

Quick note following our week-end trip to Weingut Salwey in Oberrotweil in the Kaiserstuhl region of Baden, Germany. The Kaiserstuhl is Germany’s warmest wine growing region. The soil there consists mainly of volcanic rock and lava, with a large part covered by loess and clay. More detailed notes will follow in the future when I can sit down and spend more time with each of the individual wines we bought.

The 2019 Grauburgunder Eichberg GG, yes, finally a pinot gris I really liked! The acidity felt a bit lower than with the Weißburgunder RS, but the Grauburgunder is a complex wine nonetheless. Here I remember cinnamon and apple, some smoke. Nice and fresh in the mouth. Not one of those broad and tired barrel-aged pinot gris. Elegant, I liked it very much. Also matured in large barrels, but for almost 3 years. Consequently, I would expect good ageing potential here. Indication for points 12-14.

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Tasted by Dominik Müller on Saturday, 29 July 2023.

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Wine details

Vintage: 2019
Style:still (dry)
Grape variety:
Pinot Gris

Early flowering and early ripening white grape variety. Other names include Grauburgunder, Grauer Burgunder, Ruländer (Austria, Germany) and Pinot Grigio (Italy). The skin colour can vary, with shades ranging from grey, rusty red to a light brownish colour. Accordingly, depending on the length of extraction in the winemaking process, the wine can be white to yellow (little extraction) or even a little rosé (more extraction) in colour. In terms of aromatics and flavours, Pinot Gris can be fruity (apples, pear, mild citrus) to nutty or buttery. It is typically relatively low in acidity and can be higher in alcohol than many other white varieties - due to high sugar levels. This also makes Pinot Gris perfect for the production of off-dry or sweet wines. It can be medium to full-bodied and oily in texture, although there are good examples of lighter, fresh and more acidic whites produced from this variety, too.

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Appellation: n/a
Vineyard: Oberrotweiler Eichberg
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