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Wine is my hobby. Fine wine tasting notes and experiences.


Dominik Mueller

Welcome to my personal wine notebook! Here, I would like to share wines that I have tasted and tell you about my wine and food experiences. I am by no means a professional. Wine is my hobby. The French would call me an amateur des vins. With this website, I hope to meet like-minded people who are interested in wines of all kinds and enjoy talking about them.

I have organised the site around a database of wines, which also contains additional information on their producers. Then there is my collection of tasting notes, including ratings and in most cases photos. Finally, there is a blog where I occasionally write about other wine experiences, such as travel reports or themed tastings of several wines.

I programmed the entire website myself, very old-school in a text editor. So please understand that perhaps not everything is perfect yet. But there is one big advantage: I manage completely without cookies! There is no embedded third-party service and no visitor counter. You are incognito here, so to speak. Everything here is freely accessible and free of charge. I hope you enjoy it! If you do, please tell your wine friends about my website.

Dominik Mueller

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I don't control access to this website. My texts are open for everyone to read. That means I don't know who you are. If you'd like to introduce yourself and connect with me, you may do so via my profile on CellarTracker. I'm always happy to hear and learn from other wine enthusiasts.