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Wine is my hobby. Fine wine tasting notes and experiences.

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This is a chronological list of all the tasting notes I have published. This is not my main job, but a hobby. However, I usually manage to write at least one new note per week.

I use three rating scales in my notes:

Firstly, this is my personal DM scale. This is based on the internationally recognised 100-point scale. In practice, there are hardly any scores below 80 points. This is also my approach: wines that are faulty or so bad that even 80 points are not justified are not rated by me.

I also use the WSET scale. This is based on WSET's systematic tasting concept and there are four quality criteria for objectively categorising a wine: Balance, Length, Intensity and Complexity. It is possible to receive up to one point for each criterion. This adds up to a maximum of 4 points.

I also find a relative rating very valuable. I was inspired here by Jasper Morris from Inside Burgundy. I follow his method: For example, it is logical that a fairly simple Village wine will receive fewer points on the 100-point scale than a Grand Cru wine. But the Village wine may still be a very good wine in its category. I therefore use a star scale on which a maximum of 5 stars can be achieved. Here I take into account the quality of a wine relative to its peer group.